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09/21/2004 : Embedded expo features 10 free panel discussions

09/21/2004 : Inexpensive Linux VoIP phone supports latest security standards

09/21/2004 : Free 96-page report details benefits of Open Source software

09/21/2004 : Embedded SSL library gains advanced authentication

09/21/2004 : Linux powers first inexpensive mass-market videophone

09/21/2004 : MontaVista denies Sun acquisition rumors

09/20/2004 : Low-cost Linux kit turns RISC/DSP SoC into handheld terminals

09/20/2004 : Linux home entertainment server gains media adapter

09/20/2004 : VDC review of ESC Boston 2004

09/20/2004 : Tiny 400MHz processor core gains embedded Linux

09/17/2004 : Million-dollar CalmRISC toolchain available for download

09/17/2004 : EPIC SBC runs Linux on AMD Geode

09/17/2004 : Why Intel wants BIOS dead

09/17/2004 : 10 from IBM -- Wireless, GUI diets, Linux vs. Pocket PC, Java tools, code contest . . .

09/16/2004 : LSB 2.0 aims at Linux interoperability

09/16/2004 : Via C3-based EPIC SBC runs Linux

09/16/2004 : Linux-focused virtual platform company nets $12M investment

09/16/2004 : Athlon-based embedded chip targets fanless designs

09/16/2004 : Linux succeeds in real-time

09/15/2004 : MontaVista eases into Linux kernel 2.6 waters

09/15/2004 : Brazil "just says 'No!'" to Microsoft

09/15/2004 : Free data-scrubber utility works with Linux, Via chips

09/15/2004 : IP-STB design runs Linux, real-time codecs on single DSP core

09/14/2004 : Multimedia drives home networking chip market growth

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The Power of Linux, Working for You

Linux Consulting is a broad topic, my specialty is in the following:

  • Consulting on Design/creation/setup of your linux ,unix, windows infrastructure.
  • Need a file storage system ?
  • Need to host your website ?
  • Having issues scaling your linux mail servers ?
  • PHP /Perl/MySQL and Python Development.
  • Remote Linux system administration
  • Onsite installation/setup of Redhat Enterprise Linux, Gentoo, Fedora, or SUSE

Linuxpowered, has helped businesses determine if Linux is the right solution, and then implement the solution. The solutions have been Linux only, and a hybrid of Windows and Linux systems. With over 7 years of experience with Linux, Windows and other flavors of Unix, Linuxpowered offers you the options that are right for you.

An expert with Postfix,Courier, Sendmail, PHP, Python, MySQL and Apache, I am here to listen to your needs and propose a solution based on your needs. Linuxpowered, Inc is not just another website design shop, a lot of the work I do is on the backend. I prefer to do the programming/system admin stuff over design. If I am too busy, or incapable of handling your needs, I will help you find someone who can.

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